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A FEW INTERESTING FACTS PERTAINING TO REAL ESTATE I THINK YOU SHOULD KNOW...    Florida has finally bottomed out and turning to the upside. The foreclosure business is in full swing. Those who buy the right properties today for the right price will be the ones who make fortunes tomorrow, mark my words! #1 -YOU EITHER OWN REAL ESTATE OR YOU PAY THOSE WHO DO...








Why not! Is what I say! As briefly stated in our introductory letter if you�re interested in investing in real estate, either buying, selling, building and developing or acquiring long term rental property for future gains. (But your're possibly lacking either the time or expertise needed to seek out and acquire the highly lucrative money making deals) We can very possibly be just what you�re looking for by doing all the leg work for you!




Here�s how: As an investor / joint venture partner in one of our property acquisitions you are actually coming in as a partner in properties we located. Whereas we already did all the research, cost breakdown and profit return analysis, along with finding the property itself. Working with us eliminates you having to invest hundreds of hours monthly working day after day going through newspapers, contacting realtors, meeting with contractors, driving around in your car all day seeing hundreds of bad deals just to find that one good one. That�s what we do for you! The truth about real estate is there�s big money to be made but only for the people who work hard day after day to find the good deals. That�s the whole art to the business that so many people don�t understand. It�s all about putting in the time and effort. Real estate is not a get rich quick scheme but a real business that if worked hard can bring great financial rewards!




Good deals don�t just fall in your lap you have to either go out and find them or buy into deals that someone else has already found. It�s not all that uncommon to go and physically see fifty or more properties in order to find the right one that makes sense in today�s hot sellers market. Although the reward for looking at so many properties is that usually one good deal will be highly profitable to the point that it will more than pay for all the time invested chasing the many bad deals.

Think about this: if you personally had to read the paper daily looking in the classified section for either lots, apartments, houses or condos than start making calls you could have two hours a day invested before you even get in your car and go see your first property. Unfortunately, after investing all that time and effort, there�s still no guarantee you will ever find a good deal. Even if you do find a bargain, you have to do something with the property such as build it, repair it manage it sell or lease it, etc. The entire process is nothing less than a full time occupation if you want to be a successful real estate investor, builder developer etc. At first Wall Street Realty Partners building and investing in real estate is our full time occupation thus allowing you to be a partner with us while still keeping your existing job or profession.




What better way to get in the real estate investment game than to be a partner with a 20 year veteran the president of First Wall Street Realty Partner�s llc Robert Louis Annenberg someone who has been buying selling and building for most of his adult life. In addition, you will be working in partnership with Robert directly. You are not just a number in a big investment firm but rather a 50 / 50 partner in the property with us. Whether it be rehab properties sub divided lots new construction commercial or residential Robert has been involved in it all. It truly does take years of experience to master the game of building and developing. (As a novice, with no experience or expertise, there is much room for error should you try to buy, sell, or build on your own. With my 25 years of experience I have the expertise necessary to eliminate the errors commonly made by first time investors.) And, we have that experience.




Example: Properties need to be bought for the right price than built or repaired within budget and ultimately sold for a good profit in order to repeat the process over and over again, and stay in business. Unfortunately, many novice investors make their biggest mistakes in the construction and management end of the business thus ultimately losing money and not being able to continue on. What�s most important, is our company makes no real profit until the property is actually sold. All we receive is a small finders fee and a construction management fee equal to the cost of doing business to fund our daily office overhead, etc. Most importantly, because real estate is our full time profession we are able to seek out properties nationwide in today�s hottest markets! We are not limited to local properties in our immediate area that are many times limited in availability and potential profit returns. Our incentive for success is the fact we split the profits with you 50/ 50 at the time of sale, less costs. Therefore, we are motivated to find the best deals in the best areas and make sure the construction costs stay within budget-getting in and getting out of deals as quickly as possible. Therefore ultimately allowing both parties who have an interest in the property to maximize their profit at F.W.S.R.P. We give you the opportunity to partnership with us, on various properties nationwide. In fact you could be involved in multiple properties rather than just one if you so chose. Everywhere from Colorado, Florida, North Carolina , Las Vegas whereever the markets are hot and the deals are lucrative. In addition, real estate gives you security. You are on title to the property therefore your investment is safe no matter how far away the property may be. Right now we are looking at deals all over the country seeking out the best ones that will allow us to reap the highest rewards in the shortest amount of time. We have many opportunities available now. Even properties you could buy from us outright and own all by your self. In fact we have experienced investors who get on our property wholesale list and buy from us directly saving thousands on the acquisition cost compared to the cost of finding the property themselves. In closing we have the experience the man power and the resources to make it all happen all were missing at this time is you! 

We look forward to working in partnership with you on many lucrative real estate deals we have available now. Contact us at the office or by email for more information�