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A FEW INTERESTING FACTS PERTAINING TO REAL ESTATE I THINK YOU SHOULD KNOW...    Florida has finally bottomed out and turning to the upside. The foreclosure business is in full swing. Those who buy the right properties today for the right price will be the ones who make fortunes tomorrow, mark my words! #1 - YOU EITHER OWN REAL ESTATE OR YOU PAY THOSE WHO DO... 






5961 Falls Circle Dr. N.,#109
Lauderhill, FL. 33319


My name is Robert Louis Annenberg president of First Wall Street Realty Partners, LLC. At this time I would like to first congratulate you for responding to my advertisement in reference to Real Estate Investment Partnerships involving the acquisition and development of residential building lots in South Florida and other hot areas of the country.  As a Real Estate builder / developer for over twenty years, I entertain partnership opportunities from "qualified investors only" for the sole purpose of being able to continue to acquire lots and develop property on a continual basis.  Articles

After having read the information we have made available to you on this website if you would like to proceed and obtain additional information fill out the online investor application form and we will contact you in just 1 - 2 days.  (Note: all personal information you submit is strictly confidential and at no time will we share your information with any mortgage company, bank, credit bureau, etc. without first getting your permission in writing.)  Upon receiving your personal information we will then arrange a phone interview to discuss the possibilities of you working with us in our new home building joint venture partnership program.

Note: Because of a limited number of lots and huge demand (this is not a sales pitch) most lots we acquire disappear in days. Therefore, time is of the essence in all our new home partnership investment opportunities and/or property acquisitions.
At this time I would like to supply you with answers to a few commonly asked questions in reference to our business model,
real estate investing and building in general and my personal background and experience over the past 25+ years in real estate.

So, Why do I need partners you may be thinking?

Anyone in the Real Estate business would run out of cash and max out their borrowing power quickly using their own money and credit to buy property. Land is very expensive. Fact: Most Real Estate Developers have partners in all their deals, and I am no different.

How we operate!

First: We qualify you with a bank statement and a credit report to make sure that you are financially qualified to work with us.

Second: We present and show you various properties we have ether under contract or properties that we are in the process of purchasing or we already own.

Note: You will be able to be a partner in any one of these properties based on the terms and conditions of the partnership agreement.  Most partnerships involve you either being a capital investor or should we decide to build a house or building, you could elect to be a financing partner and obtain a mortgage in your name for the construction. Our company will build the building at cost plus 5%. We will than resell the finished product and split the profits in accordance of the terms and conditions as stated in your partnership agreement 50%-33%-25% etc. (After all bank loans have been paid back and all investments have been paid back less any finder fees, management fees....etc). It's quite simple and straightforward. We operate very similar to many other Real Estate Investors, Builders and Developers who are buying/selling and building all across the country.

How am I secured?

(View Partnership Agreement recent tax bill , View Licenses , View Corporate Papers)       

(Note: On any partnerships involving our properties your name will be on the partnership agreement linking you to the property contractually!)

Why you need us?

We usually find lucrative properties in areas that you are probably not aware of. Also, because you're actually looking for something to do with your money, something safe that can give you the maximum return on investment in the least amount of time. We have the lucrative real estate deals that you are looking for. That's why most investors like yourself are looking in the paper for the sole reason of finding deals that can make you money and good honest people to work in partnership with.

It's a fact in Florida today affordable building lots can not be found in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Dade County. The average cost for a building lot is well over $100,000. Because of this, we go into smaller towns and acquire affordable building lots sometimes under $50,000 dollars for each lot. (05)

Note: Our lots are dirt cheap compared to anything in South Florida today. They are completely developed lots with electric, cable and most utilities ready to build on.

Note: Many of the lots we purchase are in existing developments surrounded by houses that have been there for years along with other builders who are developing homes continually. This is not swamp land (Fact: there is no more swamp land in Florida except in the Everglades) We buy rock solid, high and dry lots purchased for the purpose of constructing new homes to resell for profit and reselling the lots within twelve to twenty-four months possibly earning 50% or more return on your investment on just the lots alone!

Fact: The cost of lots are rising every day! In Sebring alone there were hundreds of lots available in many developments up until a few months ago. The only way to buy lots now is one at the time or to develop your own partial and that could take years. There has been a mad rush on lots in Central Florida today! Very similar to the buying frenzy in Port St. Lucie and Lehigh Acres. In all these neighborhoods the price of lots has doubled, some have even tripled in value in the last two years alone(04-05)! Today it's not what you pay for a lot but if you can even find one!

If you're looking to make money without working, while being in control and having your money completely invested in something real and secure there is nothing better and there is nothing safer than being involved in Real Estate! Real Estate Investing has been around for hundreds of years. And has proven to be the most rock solid, profitable, and fastest way to create wealth! Just pick up the newspaper, drive down the street, look at all the new homes and high rise buildings being built in Florida! The development is out of control. The problem in South Florida is you need to be a multi millionaire to be a developer. Although in the center of the State, a person with $20,000 - $50,000 dollars in cash and good credit along with a low debt ratio can get started as a partner with us building small homes. (Homes that may cost us approximately $190,000 dollars with the lot included, that we would sell for $230,000 dollars, building 5-10 at the time.) This type of construction has made many builders wealthy through out the years building small 2300 square feet (under roof including garage) then reselling them for a 15% - 20% gross profit. We have the expertise, the management, the ability to oversee the construction and the ability to find the lots (as long as they exist) to make the whole program happen. Very soon Sebring and other towns in Central Florida will be priced out of reach for development. This is a temporary, short-term investment opportunity because if you were to get into building and developing today in twelve months from now the price of these lots that we are paying (many of them under $50,000) will probably cost twice that amount in just a few years.  Demand has now finally overrun supply in central Florida. The same thing happened in South Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale) just a few years prior. As I'm sure you know if you live here.

In closing I'm looking forward to meeting you in my office or speaking with you on the phone. I'm seriously looking for qualified partners whom are interested in investing on a continual basis. I will only meet with people who fill out the application, who have visited my website and are ready to go. I thank you very much for responding to the ad and I hope we can work together, making money as partners in short term Real Estate Development ventures.

Phone #: 201-289-2500

Yours truly:

Robert Louis Annenberg