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A FEW INTERESTING FACTS PERTAINING TO REAL ESTATE I THINK YOU SHOULD KNOW...    Florida has finally bottomed out and turning to the upside. The foreclosure business is in full swing. Those who buy the right properties today for the right price will be the ones who make fortunes tomorrow, mark my words! #1 -YOU EITHER OWN REAL ESTATE OR YOU PAY THOSE WHO DO...






Arkansas Is

Let�s Talk About Arkansas-Shall We?

Northwest Arkansas, That is Fayetteville, Bentonville, Springdale, Rodgers, Bella Vista & Silioam Springs)

Why Arkansas Answer: Because Arkansas was rated the one of the fastest growing states in the country by Forbes magazine for 2004! My recent trip to Northwest Arkansas was of utmost surprise! I must admit, I had never seen so much new construction in my life in a suburban. Area even more so than Miami, Las Vegas, New York City, and other major metropolitan areas that are experiencing unbelievable booms in construction.  Arkansas is a more rural family suburbia place but yet it to is experiencing the same surge in construction that many of the biggest cities across the country are.  There�s building everywhere, beautiful vacant fields along the main roads are being developed into commercial and residential properties at an alarming rate. Everywhere I looked there were new homes and new shopping centers going up.  Streets were backed up for miles at rush hour just as though we were in the suburbs of New Jersey or New York City. The main thorough fairs are filled with every franchise imaginable Home Depot, Walmart, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, McDonald�s, Burger King, Taco Bell you name it.  New motels are everywhere Amerisuites, Hilton, Embassy Suites, Best Western. Just to name a few.  This development boom that I�m talking about is in Rodgers, Fayetteville, Bentonville, Springdale, Silioam Springs all just located in the northwestern part of the state. >>Although rumor has it the construction boom that started three years ago is mainly due to Walmart (their corporate headquarters is here.) The boom of construction partially involves new restrictions put on Walmart vendors who come to sell their products to Walmart on a daily basis from all over the world. These vendors are required to purchase a house and have a warehouse here once they get a contract with Walmart. That means employees, owners, and managers for the 1000�s of Walmart vendors all moving in to the 5-city area within the next few years alone! The streets are bustling during rush hour.  With people coming and going to work or shopping or taking kids to and from after school activities. All I can tell you is it�s bumper to bumper traffic on these major roads every day of the week at peak hours. The low price new home market (houses that sell for $159,000 and under) is booming.  The high price home market (houses that sell for $350,000 to $750,000) is also in full swing. Mainly from high paid executives who work for vendors that supply Walmart. Rumor has it that Walmart literally feeds this entire economy. There�s a Walmart on every corner. There�s Walmart mini marts, there�s Walmart Supermarkets, there�s super Walmarts, and there�s just regular Walmart�s every where you look. You see Walmart trucks up and down the highway on a daily basis.  This is a Walmart town. No doubt about it! Although the combination of the five towns population is over a half a million people .  There�s enough activity here to keep families busy for a long time. With all said and done northwest Arkansas is still the best bargain for buying fully developed lots in areas such as Bella Vista, Lost Bridge Village, Rodgers, Bentonville, Springdale, Silioam Springs, etc. These towns still offer finished building lots with utilities on the out skirts of town (approximately 15 to 30 minutes drive to the busy suburbia areas) for anywhere from $19,000 to $20,000. You can even sometimes buy lots with lake views for $20,000 and these lakes are beautiful they�re not just small ponds.  These are beautiful lakes that go for miles and miles many consisting of thousands of acres in total coverage.  Beaver Lake is comprised of 40,000 acres and goes through three counties with almost 500 miles of shoreline.  Beaver Lake is just one of the many lakes in northwest Arkansas that is the center focal point of these mega developments that were constructed 15 to 20 years ago thus just starting to take off like a rocket today!  Being a real estate investor that I am, and making a living from buying, selling, and developing property. I experienced something like this two years ago in the town of Sebring, Florida where it was an up and coming bustling suburb.  I was getting lots for as little as $15,000 for a quarter acre.   But unlike Arkansas my Florida lots did not have city water or sewer. They were all well and septic. Arkansas offers many lots with city water and sewer for the price I paid for lots in Sebring 7 years ago (�03).  In my opinion as a real estate investor and just in my opinion only. Buying lots for $15,000 with utilities and roads being around a lake area of Bella Vista or Garfield/Lost Bridge Village, Beaver Lake (which is 30 minutes to the major parts of town).These lots will most likely offer a very good value and good appreciation in the next 3 to 5 years! Although rather than waiting that long for lots to appreciate it�s our opinion, and our opinion only, that by building on these lots right now or any lots near Bentonville, Springdale, Silam Springs, Rodgers, and Fayetteville Arkansas we could shorten your time of making a profit to just a year or less! We believe by putting up a house we will be able to profit $25,000 to $40,000 per new home built. No matter how you look at it Arkansas is a boomtown! I see nothing but great opportunity in this town for builders and investors!Real fortunes in real estate have always been partially contributed to timing as a professional investor most of all the money I�ve made has been based on the right time even when I bought a simple small house and flipped it for a $35,000 profit in a matter of just a few days, timing was the main factor. Right now timing is everything in Arkansas. This town is booming roads are being widened everywhere you look just to accommodate the long traffic jams that occur daily at rush hour on the main roads. Commercial development is exploding on every piece of vacant land on any main thoroughfare in any of the five towns mentioned. Rodgers, Bentonville, Silioam Springs, Springdale, Fayetteville. Either it�s a new motel going up, a new restaurant an apartment complex or a shopping center you name it there building it!  It�s only a matter of time until all the commercial development is built out and there�s no opportunity left in the commercial market. The same goes for residential, lots are being bought up daily by people all over the country who are flying in to Arkansas to purchase building lots some with lake views, some on mountain tops etc. They are buying lots at prices unheard of in any other state in the country.  Today my company offers you an opportunity to invest as our partner in new home building projects throughout N.W. Arkansas along with other promising areas of the country. FACT: Real estate is all about timing! Note: Everything I�ve mentioned in this article is merely an opinion. Although it is an opinion from a professional real estate investor, author, writer, and lecturer of 25 years that building lots in Arkansas bought today have great value and are a real bargain compared to anywhere else in the country.  We do like to guarantee one thing that we know we can put in writing and that is, if you don�t come in as our partner on the many lots available and build houses with us, someone else will! And if we don�t buy these lots and build on them soon someone else will! Therefore with the odds in our favor and real estate showing a history of making money for those who build during the right time in up and coming areas such as Arkansas are usually promised a good substantial profit on each home built at the end of the day.  I invite you to investigate all the information we have and become our partner in any of the lots and or new home building projects we have available. After reading this and looking at the pictures if you would like to reserve a partnership opportunity in any of the lots in our inventory please call us back.  Partnerships go as quickly as the lots go and for every 10 lots we try to buy we actually only get one or two.  Therefore sometimes we don�t have the lots available to even accommodate all the investors who wish to joint venture with us. Right now we offer you an opportunity without any work involved on your part other than a capital contributor of your cash and or credit to help us secure quality finished building lots, obtain building permits, and start construction, A.S.A.P. We�re looking forward to hearing from you.

For further information on any of the lots or opportunities available give us a call directly at 201-289-2500.