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More millionaires have amassed their fortunes through either: building, developing or investing in real estate than from any other business entity! And many of those same multi-millionaires made their fortunes exclusively from dealing in Florida land!

Which I guess explains why builders and developers are the richess people in the world.  Always have been and will most likely always be!
400 November 05 Issue

All real estate, no matter what type of property, sits on land, making land the most important part of any real property venture! The next time you take a drive down the street, to work, the convenience store or to the golf course. You can’t help but see all the residential and commercial developments by the thousands every direction you look! Shopping centers, apartment and condo buildings, movie theaters, housing complexes, malls, office buildings, convenience stores, you name it, they’re all lying on the world’s most valuable commodity, LAND! Remember, there’s an old famous quote that goes like this, “Land, they ain’t making anymore of it.” And ain’t that the truth? 
Today, like so many of the world’s natural resources, land is running out at an alarming pace, although in some areas of the country if you act now rather than wait you can still buy land at a relatively fair price for either personal, business, investment purposes or for development at a later date.

At FIRST WALL STREET REALITY PARTNERS, LLC., we specialize in seeking out lucrative real estate investment opportunities, primarily right here in Florida
the Sunshine State
along with other up and coming areas nationwide, such as presently (05)Northwest Arkansas .


First Wall Street Group has been incorporated and doing business in the State of Florida for over eight years, View Licenses View Corporate Papers with no valid complaints of any kind on record to date. We are not real estate agents or brokers, we only deal in property that we own (We’re real estate investors, builders & developers). The owner of the company is Robert Louis Annenberg, renowned author and lecturer who’s been in the real estate investment business for over twenty-five years! Robert has bought, sold, built and rehabbed millions of dollars in real estate all over the country by himself and with various partners & investors! Today, he is one of the leading, foremost real estate investment experts with seven books to his credit (two on real estate investing/building & developing alone)!


Click pictures to view some example properties

His first book was written in the early 90’s called “Unlimited Real Estate Investment Opportunities! [COPY BOOK 1] (Being mainly about foreclosures and rehabbing houses) and his latest publication titled, “The Magic of Real Estate Yesterday and Today.” [COPY BOOK 2] (Specifically, referencing land acquisitions, new home residential and commercial construction, etc.)
Robert has also hosted his own radio show and held seminars nationwide! Today, he has his own website for real estate investing, building, and developing that will allow you to see pictures of various properties he is involved in, review potential opportunities or properties you can invest in as a partner and basically correspond directly with his office on a daily basis.
Robert works with investors and partners in most all of his real estate deals in a joint venture type partnership, very much like any other real estate investor across the country. Doing business with partners and investors allows Robert to buy ten times the amount of real estate than if he was solely limited to just using his own capital and credit while also allowing investors and partners to potentially profit by joint venturing with him in houses he’s building or other lucrative properties he’s buying, selling developing, & rehabbing, etc.. At this time, because of the hot-sellers market of (05), Robert mainly buys finished building lots (View Properties) in already established residential developments for the sole purpose of either selling to other builders at a profit or to build new homes on for resale. Right now, our company, FIRST WALL STREET REALITY PARTNERS, LLC., offers a joint venture type partnership, that’s affordable to everyday investors who are looking to make big returns on their money investing in real estate but yet don’t want to be involved in doing any of the work themselves (such as locating properties, supervising construction, handling the sales, leasing and/or daily property management duties)!


  • Step 1, We start off by acquiring finished building lots all over the country in up-and-coming areas that are subdivided, record plat, with roads and most utilities already in place.

  • Step 2, Next, We joint venture with one or possibly two investing partners on each lot we buy with the intentions to either resell the lot for a quick profit to a local builder or a potential new homeowner, otherwise we go ahead and build a house on the lot to resell ourselves!

  • Step 3, Then, We do a quick market study, choose a home that best fits the land topography and the surrounding area, apply for a building permit, obtain our construction financing and build the house to code. (On time & on budget, of course)…

  • Step 4, Finally, We sell the house projecting a 20% gross profit margin based on the final sales price
    (dispersing any and  all funds due to the investing partners at closing).

  • Step 5, We simply repeat steps 1-4 over & over again (So you don't have to)!

NOTE: The projected gross profit for a new home is about twenty percent of the gross sales price. Example only: On a $250,000 dollar house we’re looking to gross about $40,000 to $50,000 dollars per house!


We benefit because we can now build a house on a lot that we may have just bought but instead had to sell to another builder in the area making only a 20% to 30% profit on the original lot cost alone, although, with a partner who is financially qualified having the needed capital or credit we can keep the lot and build a new house to resell thus now making as much as 5 to 10 times the amount of money than if we simply resold the lot alone.
Note: There's a whole lot more money to be made from building houses than there is from just buying and re-selling vacant lots!

You benefit by being a partner in the project with us receiving a substantial % of the profits on the sale of a new home we’re building without having to do any of the work involved whatsoever! With a possibly of earning as much as fifty percent or more on your original investment, in sometimes a year or less! (Working as our partner it's almost as though you are the builder yourself)! You can start off with one or two houses, then if you’d like, you can expand to five, even ten houses at a time, potentially making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in cash profits as one of our repeat investing partners!


You are secured by a legal partnership agreement (View Partnership Agreement) where we show all investors our copies of the deed and our title policy or recent tax bill to verify our proof of ownership in any building lot or existing property that you are contemplating becoming a partner in with us.  Each partnership is on a per house basis. The only person besides yourself and our company in the residential single family partnership would be possibly one other additional party who would also either be investing capital and/or obtaining the construction financing. For your security and piece of mind, we have made it so that you will be able to monitor the complete construction process from anywhere in the world at any time (24/7) by simply going to our website viewing a series of pictures, notes, and field comments posted by our construction supervisors referencing your particular property as work progresses.  www.robertannenberg.com/acquisition_partnership.htm


Real estate has proven throughout history to be your safest and most secure type of investment! Properties just can’t run away, be stolen or ever suffer significant damage by fire, flood or other natural disasters. (It's called property insurance) In fact on raw land many times, we don’t even need insurance. Our vacant building lots basically sit outside, collect sunshine and get rained on everyday, while at the same time they’re going up in value, waiting for us to either resell to another builder at a quick profit (usually 3 - 6 months) or build a house on for resale making even a bigger profit (approximately 9 - 12 months). Remember, with vacant building lots, there’s no costly repairs, maintenance our tenant problems, etc., unlike with existing rental properties where maintenance and repair costs alone can add up quickly often eroding your profits if not properly managed. Finished building lots have also proven to be a great investment for both long & short term! Because whether we build on our lots or not, it’s most likely that other builders in these established developments (where we have acquired building lots) surely will!  Only pushing up the value of our lots even faster!



Today, like never before, places like Florida and Northwest Arkansas are experiencing an explosive unprecedented growth (05). Property values in Florida alone have more than doubled in the last five years, which has made for an unbelievable return on investment for someone who merely just bought a house to live in (View Articles). Although, rather than run around all day, trying to find existing foreclosure properties at a good price where we can fix  them up and  resell them, we found that the fastest and most lucrative way to make money in real estate is to simply do exactly what all other successful builders have been doing for years.  Which is to  buy vacant building lots in bulk then build new houses one after the other all being in the same development if possible! Many times doubling or tripling your investment on each house built in just one to two years time! Remember business ventures in general can be risky. There are many unforeseen obstacles down the road, although real estate purchased at the right price & managed wisely, will usually go up in value year after year and make a profit for all those who are involved! Note: (Building residential single family homes for resale has proven to be a preferred method of joint venture type real estate partnership investing largely due to the strong demand for single family homes in this country over the last 50-years along with having a very stable and predictable profit margin and cost to build.) Right now, Florida and Arkansas land is where, I believe, the big money is. [PIC-ME (2) ARK & FL] Properties in South Florida are selling out in record time, the same as single-family homes and building lots in Northwest Arkansas. We have chosen Northwest Arkansas and Florida, due to their rapid rate of appreciation and what’s going on presently in these two states alone. Both Florida, in general and Arkansas are what I would consider to be called boom towns to say the least! They are both flourishing, experiencing a residential and commercial real estate boom like never before seen, creating an unlimited opportunity for people who acquire land in these two states to potentially make a great return on their investment!

Its no secret to what we do. Anybody can buy property and build a house. Although to be successful and make real money building and selling homes is an entirely different story. There is a serious learning curve involved. (I’ve been in this business for twenty-five years and I’m still learning everyday). Let’s be real, it’s not the property itself so much you’re interested in, as it is getting a good return on your investment,
am I right? The way I see it, is there are two ways to make money in this world...

1) You can go out and work for your money
     (possibly continue what you're doing right now in your present job or profession) or...

2) You can actually get your money to work for you!

     Which would you prefer?   #1   or   #2

(FACT: Investing in real estate, (particularly building and developing) has been the most popular and widely used method by which most wealthy people in this country have chosen for putting their money for work for them (so they don't ever again work for their money) Don’t get me wrong, you could learn the building business yourself, but that would most likely take you years. You can also go out and look for  properties that have proper zoning, are fully sub-divided with all roads and utilities in place ready to build on.  Although, in reality I look for properties all over the country via newspaper, Internet, realtor contacts, etc. and I am 25 year veteran in the real estate investment and building business I still have difficulty finding lucrative deals these days. You can also obtain financing on your own and oversee the construction work on a daily basis, although, to do so successfully you will more than likely have to quite your job or forego your immediate profession thus becoming a full-time builder/developer like myself.  In reality, real estate investing will basically become your new full-time job.

I believe I have an easier and much more lucrative way for you to make money investing in real estate!

How about just invest with me in the many building lots I am continually buying or the new homes I’m building? You can be my partner! It’s a simple safe and secure investment. Let me do all the work like finding the lucrative properties, overseeing the construction, marketing and selling the finished product while you sit back and get a big piece of the profits! What could be better?  (Remember, I've been at this game for over 25  years and I have  every deed, closing statement, cancelled check, for just about every real estate transaction I have been involved with here in my office on file to back it up.)

For information on upcoming properties or to reserve a partnership opportunity call us directly at the office during normal business hours at 201-289-2500
We'll be looking forward to working with you!


Robert Louis Annenberg