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They say “Every Picture Tells a Story”
At first Wall Street reality partners we believe the pictures herein will tell a lot of our story for us!

For over 35 years the principals of our company have been partnering with private institutions, banks,
hedge funds,
the private equity community, along with various investment groups and high net worth
in almost all aspects of real estate in some form or another! With all parties having the same
common goals, #1 short term (1-2 years) capital appreciation and positive cash flow or #2 long term (3-5
capital appreciation, monthly positive cash flow and tax incentives!

Whether it's buying, selling, building developing, leasing or simply managing select properties. We
tend to keep things simple following an age old proven formula for real estate success herein known as:

Step #1 ACQUIRE: Purchase distressed property significantly below market value and or replacement
cost (minimum 40-60%)

Step #2 MANAGE: Stabilize the property in a timely manner by way of either complete renovation light
repair or new construction all at rock bottom prices! (While maintaining the highest in construction
standards and safest working conditions in addition to managing the property efficiently while operating
with the lowest overhead possible)

Step #3 EXIT: #1 Either resell the property for a profit netting 20-30% cash on cash return or greater
within the first 12-24 months or #2 lease the property out creating a positive monthly cash flow exceling
10% per annum cash on cash return or greater! (to be sold off at a later date)

Step #4 REPEAT: simply repeat steps 1 - 3 as often as possible over and over again!