Who, what and where is IndieCo.

IndieCo. Stands for Independent Company. Independent music production, Independent Film and TV Production, Photography and media.


For short, we're an independently owned, privately sponsored, music, film, TV, and media company. We specialize in bringing new musical artists to the public through independent marketing channels. Private distributors, corporate sponsors, public sponsors, internet marketing, etc. We believe, at IndieCo., there's an unlimited amount of raw talent out there that never gets a fair chance at success. Whether it's a musician longing for a record contract, and just never gets one; An out of work actor, struggling to get by, doing 30 second commercials when potentially they could star in their own feature film; Or, comedians, talk show hosts, and other talented people who never get a chance. And, last but not least, all the aspiring models out there who are out of work and never get a job because they're too short, they're too tall....etc.

These days, it seems you have to be signed to the Ford Agency to get work as a model. Not anymore...With IndieCo. We have plenty of work constantly flowing through our door for independent modelings. The truth is today, there's an over-abundance of talent, people who play their own instruments, dance, etc. At IndieCo. we will be the vehicle to bring that talent to the public through independent distribution channels.

We constantly seek out new talent in the music, TV and screen industry. In addition, we constantly seek out sponsors, via corporate, private or group sponsors for our new artists, to help bring them to the forefront and get their CD's, film projects and modeling contracts underway. Mainly by obtaining funds through donations, endowments, investments, advertisements and other forms of capital that we raise through independent channels.

We are in the middle. We find the talent, we manage the talent, we groom the talent, package the talent, and put the entire product together from start to finish. In addition, we raise the money through our private channels to make it all possible. This does two great things: It makes an artist's dream come true for the millions of actors and musicians out there who never get on TV or on the radio, or up on the big screen, along with the many great talented musicians who never get to cut a CD or hear themselves on the radio. At IndieCo., we step in and give all good talent a fair shot. Now of course, we can't work with everyone. But, for those we select who we feel have the potential, and desire, we have a great opportunity for artists, musicians, models, actors and other personalities to help make their dreams come true.

To all of our sponsors, investors, etc. It's really simple. There's no business like show business! IndieCo. will give them a fair chance to make and artist's dreams come true. To help a musician produce his own CD and get it out on the marketplace. To help see a young potential actor film an independent movie. To help and independent model advertise a new line of clothes, automobiles or various other products, where otherwise they would never have been selected for because they were not signed up with a major agency.

IndieCo. is all about people. Helping artists, actors, models and musicians.. etc. realize their dreams and giving investors a fun and unique opportunity to invest in or donate their time or tax free money for a worthy cause. Who wouldn't want to back a musician with the potential to sell millions of albums. With the possibility of earning a great return. Who wouldn't want to back a young, up and coming actor in an independent movie with the possibility of seeing them break through to the big time? The truth about investing is the people behind the product! Whether someone's investing in anything from real estate and the stock market to precious metals and commodities. Gold, real estate, commodities, they are what they are. It's the people behind the venture that make it all possible. Anyone can invest in real estate, but without someone finding the deal and without someone selling it, or someone fixing it up and marketing it, the property would just sit there.

At IndieCo. You could invest or sponsor talented people directly. The people who need it most, the struggling musicians, actors, models and other raw talent that's adrift in this world today, of which so many go unnoticed and unheard of. The reward for someone sponsored by IndieCo., who possibly makes it big, is astronomical. Not only financially, but spiritually and mentally. There's no business like show biz. Just turn on your TV. The only thing you hear on the news, the only the that matters are actors and musicians, models and athletes what they're doing, who they're doing it with, where they were, how much they make, what party they were at, etc.. Nobody cares about the unknown business man, no matter how rich he is.

IndieCo. gives investors and sponsors a chance to cash in on the good times, the fun times , the exciting times of show business. To be a part of it all. To be a part of the movie. To be a part of the production. To be part of a hit record. To sponsor a TV or radio show, you can't put a price on being involved in this industry. This great industry called showbiz. Unfortunately, the average person is locked out of it, due to a big monopoly that Hollywood has on the world today. At IndieCo., we're trying to break that monopoly by giving everyone with a dream, an equal chance. Those who have the talent, need only apply. Let IndieCo. do the rest for you. We are your partner in dreams.